My trip to Clarke Quay was an enriching and interesting one. On my walk down the Singapore River, I spotted many shops and statues. I liked observing how the various passers-by spent their time, be it watching the ferries that occasionally sailed by, to people rushing to work. I also liked the colourful shophouses that lined the Singapore River.

During my trip to the Asian Civilisations Museum, I learnt more about the different civilisations, China, India and Southeast Asia. Particularly, I was most fascinated with the Tang Shipwreck from 9th-century China. I liked the different designs the chinese engraved on the bowls, plates, vases and cups. One of the exhibits even had animal figures in them which intrigued me, as I felt that the figures would hinder drinking from the cup. 

For this trip, my group and I faced transportation problems, as after our Mother Tongue, we planned to meet up at an MRT station and travel towards Clarke Quay from there to minimise the chances of getting lost. If I was given the chance to do this again, I would plan ahead so as to have more time there to enjoy more of the scenery near the Singapore River, and spend more time looking at the exhibits at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

Jean Yee:
I enjoyed seeing all the different things beside the Singapore River, like the restaurants and shops. Some of the challenges we faced was due to us being confused with the direction of ACM from the bridge. If I could do this again, I would definitely take more photos and pay more attention as to what was going on at and beside the Singapore River, and at the exhibits in the ACM.
I enjoyed having a fun and hands on approach in learning IH. Some challenges that I faced were deciding on where to start and what to do. I could plan where to go beforehand so that I would not be so confused and unsure of where to head first, wasting quite an amount of time.