Friday, March 23, 2012

Activities that were/are carried out along the river

Early days

The Singapore River in the past was a very busy place.

This can be seen in the topmost picture, where a seated Eurasian business man is seen talking to a Malay trader and another Chinese trader. They might have been discussing about sealing a deal. This is as a lot of businesses and trades were done along the river in thepast, as there were a lot of unloading/loading of goods along the Singapore River.

The 2 pictures below shows another sculpture that can be seen along the river, which shows a man passing a heavy looking sack of goods to another. The man who was ready to receive the sack was sitting atop a bull drawn cart already almost full to the brim of similar sacks as the one that had just been passed. The cart that he was sitting atop looked similar to those that were used by the coolies in the past for transporting goods and other stuff to warehouses for storage.

This shows that the Singapore River was indeed very busy in the past, due to the various commerce that was done along it, which had helped greatly in improving Singapore to the prosperous place that it is now.

Present days

The present Singapore River is still as busy as ever, even though there are no longer old fashioned trading and boats docking along it.

In the upper picture, a tall building can be seen. This is located along the Singapore River, and is one of the many business and commerce buildings that can be seen at the Singapore River.

Now, the only boats that can be seen in the Singapore River are boats that would ferry tourists around and along the Singapore River, allowing them to take in all of the sights along it in a rather traditional way which reminds them of the river's history in the past. Also, they would not need to go to the expense of walking under the hot and sweltering sun in order to do so.

There are also a lot of shopping, eating and recreational activities available along it. There are a lot of malls and buildings. As it can be seen from the bottom picture, there is also a stretch of restaurants and small, charming and quirky shops nearby, adorning a portion of the riverbank.

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