Friday, March 23, 2012

Asian Civilisation Museum

Civilisation chosen: China

How the people in China dealt with their contraints:

How their responses contributed to the social, cultural and technological changes that occurred in Asia:

3 artifacts:


This robe is long and regal, thus suggesting that it may have belonged to a chinese official with a high rank. You can also tell that chinese liked loose clothes and the more intricate that pattern on the cloth, the more expensive it must have been. Unlike clothes now, which fit the body perfectly and not billow around. You will also not find clothes with intricate patterns on it unless you really search for it.


You hardly see these statues in houses nor buildings anymore, except for temples. Chinese had many stories and beliefs about gods. Some gods are good, and others are bad. Many statues were placed in their houses from long ago to ward off evil and bring good luck. Many chinese houses would have a special altar where they pray every night, and may not have such strong beliefs about the stories, although it is their religion.


These weird looking metal tins were to hold tea leaves in the olden times. This is scene from an old coffee (or should I say, tea) shop. When the owners want to make a pot of tea, they simply scoop up a spoonful of leaves and put them in hot water, add milk or sugar and it's ready to be served. Unlike our current time, where all we need to do is to put a teabag that has all the flavors inside hot water and voila! a nice steaming cup of tea is ready to be drank!

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